Orbirental Professional Services

Orbirental provides a set of services to help our customer migrate their business from outdated services, configure the system to match your business workflow, extend and customize the platform to add extra features or integration. Our team can also help integrating Orbirental's technology into your website, or better yet, build you an high-end website altogether. Last but not least, we can provide training to your staff in order to optimise their efficiency.

1. Platform Configuration and Customization

Set the proper settings for your business, and let us develop the extensions you need to run at scale

What's Possible:
  • Analysis of your current flows and settings adjustements
  • Extra feature development or roadmap management
  • Development of specific integrations to third party systems
Example:Development of specific reports, owner statement customization, integration to specific accounting software or home automation sofware, connection to proprietary systems
Notes:Rate discount available depending on project scope
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2. Website Integration and Optimisation

Integrate Orbirental to your existing website. For website building, please see this page.

What's Possible:
  • Integrate our booking or availability widgets
  • Integrate our property search APIs or any other on of our APIS
  • Your own logo
  • Booking widget, availability calendar, listing data + images, 3D tours, amenities, reviews, guidebooks, dynamic pricing
Example:vacation rental template website
Notes:You will need to give us access to your infrastructure, as least via FTP or SFTP
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3. Vacation Rental Management Services

We optimize and distribute your property listings to channels, at scale. We handle inquiries and bookings.

Price8% per transaction
What's Included:
  • We distribute your properties to over 50 listing channels
  • We optimize your listings and prices for you
  • We answer guests inquiries, messages and phone calls 24 hours a day
  • We take care of marketing your properties, process bookings, so you can focus on hospitality
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4. Training Program: Platform and API

We'll train your staff on usage of the platform and on Orbirental API development

Price$450/half day
What's Possible:
  • Training on product set up
  • Training on business flow optimizations
  • Training on integrations and third party software setup
  • Training on development with Orbirental's API
Notes:Possible on-site training. Contact us to discuss.
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5. Data Migration

We can migrate your data from other systems and speed up your ramp up time

What's Possible:
  • Full migration of property data, images, contacts, pricing, bookings, reviews
  • 50 properties minimum
  • cost will vary depending on the source of data
Example:Importing from AirBnB takes 1 minute per property. Importing from excel, third party API, thirst party listing site or SQL source will take more time.
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