What is Automated Pricing?

Automated Pricing is a process by which the price of a rental is automatically determined by a sophisticated algorithm based on statistical modeling, in order to help hosts & owners maximize the performance of their vacation rental properties.
Currently, we use the technology provided through our partnership with BeyondPricing, the leader in dynamic pricing software for the vacation rental industry.

What are the key criteria used to determine the optimal pricing for my property?

Our partner's algorithm takes into account factors such as nightly demand, seasonality, day of week, conferences and events, and more. For more info and strategy concerning this question, see their blog post here.

Do I need a BeyondPricing account to get started?

Yes, at this point, you will need to create an account with BeyondPricing and synchronize the properties for which you want automated pricing to be activated.
In the near future, we will provide this in a more integrated manner.

Is Automated Pricing supported for every property?

No. See https://beyondpricing.com/ for a list of the areas covered by their service. Most of the large cities around the world are available.

Is Automated Pricing provided through Orbirental's booking widget and booking APIs?

Yes. Once you set up automated pricing, those rates will be computed and provided through Orbirental's booking widget and API automatically.

When and how much am I charged?

We charge 1% of your booking. If your booking is worth $4,300, you will be charged $43. Property Managers see between 10 and 40% more revenue using those dynamic pricing recommendations so the product pays for itself many times over!
We only charge for bookings which happen on through Orbirental or using the Orbirental widget. We do not charge for bookings which happen on other channels on which automated prices are provided.