What is dynamic pricing (or "automated" pricing)?

Dynamic pricing is a process by which the price of a rental is automatically determined by a sophisticated algorithm based on statistical modeling, in order to help hosts & owners maximize the performance of their vacation rental properties.
Currently, Orbirental provides integration with several market leading technologies provided through our partnerships with BeyondPricing, Wheelhouse, Pricelabs and Outswitch. See this blog post to understand how usage of dynamic pricing tools has become a key component of vacation rental management profitability.

What are the key criteria used to determine the optimal pricing for my property?

Our partner's algorithm takes into account factors such as nightly demand, seasonality, day of week, conferences and events, and more.

Do I need an account with one of those partners to get started?

Yes, at this point, you will need to create an account with one of the partners and synchronize the properties for which you want automated pricing to be activated.
In the near future, we will provide this in a more integrated manner.

Can we use different dynamic pricing tools by property?

Yes. Orbirental allows you to connect to different dynamic pricing tools per property. This allows you to leverage the tool the most efficient per geographical area.

Is dynamic pricing supported for every property?

You can consider that the 4 dynamic pricing services Orbirental integrates with cover about 95% of the world's vacation rental markets.

Are dynamic rates then funnelled through the channels?

Yes. Once you set up automated pricing, those rates automatically will funnelled through to Orbirental's booking widget, APIs and to all the channels you have selected for distribution.

Can we apply pricing rules on top of dynamic rates?

Yes. On top of dynamic rates, Orbirental allows you to apply specific pricing rules, such as discounts (for long stays), surcharges (for short stays) or rate multiplier per channel (to offset the commmission cost of channels).