From property management system to open API

Property Management System

Orbirental provides an advanced and intuitive Property Management System, which is also compatible with all major listing sites from a data compatibility standpoint. Provides features such as multilingual/multi-currency support, photo management, management of fees and policies, recommended locations, rental agreements, advanced booking rules.

Advanced features: Orbirental's PMS also provides multi-account access (team centric interface), multi-unit management and a sophisticated permission system of multi-team/multi-location property management.

Reservation System

Synchronises calendars two-ways in real time across all channels. Easy creation of quotes, multi-property view, sorting/filtering and property tagging for easy shortlisting, ability to email shortlists to prospective guests. Unique visualisation of bookings across channels.


Lead Management

Our patent-pending sales management pipeline tool is unique in the industry visualisation, and provides a holistic view of your lead management process across properties, time, booking agents and booking statuses. Since it's integrated with our CRS and templating engine, it also provides an intelligent and actionable dashboard from which most actions can be taken with a 1-mouse click.


Channel Manager

Synchronise property data, pricing and availability across all major channels and your website. Orbirental keeps your property data consistent across dozens of listing sites so you don't have to manually update them. Thanks to the Orbirental open platform, the channel manager is also integrated with best of breed tools such as automated pricing services, our booking engine, guest management, cloud accounting etc


Pricing Manager

Supports sophisticated pricing schemes and rules, seasonal pricing, discounts, per property or per agency or per channel schemes, and integrations with the most advanced dynamic pricing tools (Pricelabs, BeyondPricing, Wheelhouse, Outswitch). Prices can then be synchronised to channels and to your website automatically.

Quotes and Payment Processing

Process quotes instantly from inquiries or create quotes from the booking calendar. Orbirental supports instant booking so guests can be automatically be funneled through a payment flow.

Orbirental provides support for multiple payment processors around the world, through deep integrations with Yapstone, Stripe, Braintree or Lynnbrook Group.

Owner Management

Provide owners with their own access to Orbirental through an owner portal labeled with your custom branding. Let owners collaborate on your master calendar. Provide financial statements, booking reports, and specific custom reports.


Review Management

Manage reviews coming from Orbirental or from any other system. Reviews are then available through our API for display on your website. Native reviews can be re-used on some of the channels integrated with Orbirental


Guest Management
and CRM

Manage guests and prospects, retrieve past reservations, and connect your internal CRM to best-of-breed marketing automation tools such as Mailchimp.


Service Providers
and Jobs

Manage your service providers such as greeters, cleaners, maintenance crews and the job schedule, directly from within your booking calendar. You can also create/manage private services and tours that you can upsell from your website when guest book rental properties.


Templates and Automation

Orbirental is built on a sophisticated backend technology that allows you to automate most tasks and communication based on specific events: automate sending of quotes, check-in instructions, payment reminders, hold requests, rental agreements, review requests, pre-arrival forms, balance paid notifications.

Orbirental allows user to fully brand all emails, as well as defining custom emails which can be sent at specific moments in time based on custom triggers you define to match your specific processes.


Digital Signatures

Go fully digital with Orbirental's digital signatures. Guests sign rental agreements online and the system will email executed agreements to all parties automatically. No more printing-scanning-emailing paper documents, and no need to contract an expensive e-signature provider.


Analytics and Reports

Orbirental is all about data and data-driven decision tools. Keep track of occupancy rates, sales velocity, funnel conversion, performance per staff member, per channel or per property. The system will provide operational reports (daily/weekly) or financial reports which can be automatically converted to owner's financial statements.


Third Party Agents

Manage third party agents and allow them to access and book properties. Orbirental will manage bookings and automatically distribute commissions associated to the bookings they provide.



Orbirental provide easy-to-integrate booking and availability widgets for your website. Our widgets are compatible with any website building platform (Wordpress, Squarespace etc) and can be fully customized to match your site look and feel. They will also provide dynamic availability and dynamic prices in order to maximise your booking revenue while preventing unwanted bookings.



The Orbirental platform is built from the ground up on an open API (Application Programming Interface), making the platform greatly extensible to our clients needs and adaptable to the business requirements of the vacation rental industry.

The Orbirental API has also been the foundation of an ecosystem allowing inter-connectivity between world class technologies, all serving a particular purpose in the ecosystem. By implementing Orbirental's API, our technology partners have enriched our ecosystem by allowing our users to perform data exchange between their particular application and the Orbirental platform.

Last but not least, as Orbirental now extends integration to listing platforms (such as Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway or TripAdvisor), Orbirental is also acting as a middleware allowing seamless data exchange between third party applications and listing channels (for example, by allowing dynamic prices from Pricelabs to be used on Booking.com and all other channels).